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Let me start off by saying that everyone who supported and has been to majority if not all the basketball games in Chatham County for the season 2015/16 can all agree on one thing. You can’t be too sure where the ball is gonna roll in whose favor. Why? Because there has been some upsets, some disappointments, and quite some shockers from certain teams that wasn’t expected. So as a lesson learned this season from fans, coaches, and student-athletes, don’t underestimate ANY TEAM, or you’re in for a rude awakening.

Here are some highlights on SCCPSS high school basketball. Ebony J gets great footage and gives fun comments/notes as these teams play for a win. Continue to follow us and subscribe to Ebony J on Youtube to get all the updates and videos from B(oz) Ent. and Sports. Click the links below to see highlights and videos with Ebony J.      Lady Blue Jackets vs. Lady Sharks      Islands High vs. Savannah High Boys       Lady Atom Smashers vs. Lady Knights    Johnson vs. Windsor Forest     Jenkins vs. Johnson



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The best highlights on local sports in our community